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Participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right. Gray Stone establishes basic eligibility standards for participation in athletics. Each participant must meet the standard in order to try out for a team and must maintain the standards in order to continue participation during the season. To certify eligibility, a student-athlete must turn in all required paperwork to the proper authority and receive an Eligibility Certification Card that will then be presented to the coach of the team for which the student-athlete wishes to try out. This Certification Card must be presented prior to ANY participation. The athletic administration and coaching staff can revoke a student's privilege of participating for falling below the minimum standard during a season.


In accordance with the mission of Gray Stone Day School, all students are expected to perform academically in order to maintain eligibility to participate in extra-curricular activities. The following policy has been set by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and endorsed by the school's Board of Directors in order to establish criteria for maintaining adequate progress:

A student must pass a minimum of five classes each semester in order to be eligible to participate in athletics during the subsequent semester. Academic eligibility is measured at the conclusion of each semester for the next semester of participation. No student may gain or lose eligibility as it relates to this policy in the middle of a semester.

In addition to the above board policy, coaches can establish minimum standards for their teams.


Students who are choosing to become a part of an athletic team are choosing to be held to a higher standard of behavior. Every action then becomes a reflection of their coaches and teammates, school and community. As such, students shall not be allowed to participate if they are not a student in good standing with the school. A student who violates school policy or misrepresents the team in the community in any way should expect to be held accountable for his/her actions.


Students who wish to participate in athletics must have insurance coverage. The student's insurance is the first-dollar insurance in all circumstances. Students without adequate insurance are encouraged to purchase the insurance available through the school. For more information, please contact the Athletic Office.


Anyone wishing to participate in athletics must have an updated physical on file in the Office of Interscholastic Athletics prior to any participation. The form must be completed by both a guardian and a medical professional (Medical Doctor, Physician’s Assistant, or Certified Nurse Practitioner). Physicals are considered updated if they were completed within the past 365 days. Physicals may expire mid-season causing a student to become ineligible. It is the student’s responsibility to keep his / her physical updated. The school plans a minimum of one free physical date per calendar year.


  • Physical Examination Form
  • Gray Stone Athetic Participation Form
  • NCHSAA Parental Consent Form
  • Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Form
  • CHS Permission to Treat Form


Student-athletes wishing to participate on two teams at the same time shall declare a primary sport. The coach of the primary sport should expect the student-athlete to be at every practice and contest. The secondary sport coach must then decide if the remaining time will be worth the student's participation. The student-athlete shall not be penalized for missing practice or contests if he/she misses for a commitment to the primary sport. Any issues regarding specific situations that cannot be resolved by the affected coaches will be deferred to the primary sport. Questions should be directed to the Director of Interscholastic Athletics.


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