Instructor of Mathematics
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B.A. Covenant College

M.A.T. Covenant College


Ms. Peele has always had a desire to teach others.  Even before her college days, she wanted to pursue teaching as more than a hobby.  As a Gray Stone graduate herself, Ms. Peele understands the academic culture and learning environment that characterizes the community of the school. She values providing context for mathematical skills and enabling students to recognize how to implement the skills of the classroom to real-world situations.  She seeks to emphasize the importance of mathematical literacy by teaching her students to listen, read, speak, and write in the language of mathematics. This year Ms. Peele teaches honors courses in Math I and Math II.

At Covenant College she studied mathematics, served with the widow’s ministry, and played soccer and tennis. She cares for Gray Stone and the members of its community and is thankful for the opportunity to return to the school as an instructor.

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