Instructor of Social Studies
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B.A. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Scholarship has always been of paramount importance to me, and I have always desired to end up somewhere where I could continue the learning process. Throughout my time spent at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte I began to notice a pattern. Every time I would find a class that I thoroughly enjoyed I would immerse myself in the material and switch my major. After some time I realized that what had led me to become so interested in the class wasn’t the material itself, but the teacher. The manner in which the classes were taught ended up being the common denominator among all of my various intellectual passions, and from that point forward I knew that I wanted to continue my scholastic journey as a teacher. One of my favorite parts of studying history is that there are an endless amount of avenues and discoveries that ignite new passions, so it is incredibly hard to pick a favorite specific time period or historical theme as my interests are constantly expanding as I continue to learn. Outside of the classroom, you can usually find me at the Whitewater Center, backpacking, or engaging in other outdoor activities.  

“A man’s education ends only in death.”  -- Robert E. Lee

“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher, for living well.”  -- Alexander  the Great

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