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Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest, a resume, and a Gray Stone application for employment.

Gray Stone Application

Candidates may also choose to apply electronically through TeacherMatch.


Contact Helen Nance ( with a letter of interest, resume, and Gray Stone application for employment.

Specific need exists in the following areas:

Innovative Learning Teacher

Innovative Learning Teacher Position:
We are seeking a great communicator with excellent interpersonal skills for the role of Innovative Learning teacher. The teacher will be responsible for developing learning activities that promote in depth thinking skills to solve problems in everyday life as well as globally. The Lab is equipped with building materials and robotics as well as computer design. A NC teaching license is not required. We are a charter school located in Stanly County, NC and one of the top high school’s in the country. We are members of the NC State Retirement System and the NC State Health Plan

Part Time Academic Support Teacher

Part Time Academic Support Teacher Position (15-20 hours per week):

As an inclusion teacher, you must collaborate with a regular education teacher or multiple teachers to plan and present lesson plans, create assessments and to make sure the needs of EC students in the classroom are being met. The inclusion teacher focus is on scaffolding activities and differentiating instruction to meet the needs of special education students.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide direct support to students in a classroom by delivering instruction and ensuring learning through a variety of co-teaching models and strategies.
  • Monitor IEP goals for students.
  • Help design engaging classroom activities and differentiated lessons so that all students may access the curriculum and benefit from the educational experience.
  • Formally and informally assess the student learning.
  • Set high expectations that are suitable for the students.
  • Work collaboratively with Lead Co-Teacher, teaching and grade-level teams and other staff, especially instructional support team, to plan, share student work and ensure that instruction is aligned with identified curriculum and standards.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Special Education and/or Elementary Education certified preferred but not required.


Contact Helen Nance ( with a letter of interest, resume, and Gray Stone application for employment.


Gray Stone is always searching for qualified individuals to lead athletic teams, academic teams, and other school sponsored activities. Those applying for other staff positions should indicate willingness or desire for extra curricular positions. Candidates seeking a part time opportunity should contact Helen Nance ( with a letter of interest, resume, and Gray Stone application for employment.


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